How we got started.


I have always been interested in working with wood having played around with it for many years in the shed. One day because my wife does not like eggs that are kept in the fridge she asked if I could make an egg box that sat on the kitchen bench. I did and she liked it so much, she suggested I should make some for her to sell. So I started to build.


It now happens that I now make them and also sell them at local markets, through Trade me my website Facebook and some retail outlets. Also she wanted a potato box that she could store vegetables in a cool and dark place. We were at a market in South Auckland and saw what she wanted. At that stage we could not buy as we were on our way south. We asked the person selling them if he was going to be at the market the following weekend, he said yes. We went back the following weekend but he was a no show so I made one myself. That was the start.


We started manufacturing in a small home garage with a small amount of cheaper D.I.Y tools and equipment as a part time operation. Twelve years later we now operate out of a large workshop with all up to date and modern machinery. We use Macrocarpa because it is non toxic has a beautiful grain, (poor mans Kauri) as well as Pine, American Oak, Cedar, Maple and other exotic timbers.  

With modern timber stains we can now make Macrocarpa and pine look almost like Rimu or many other colors.

We now have a policy of looking for and developing new ideas and products on a continuing basis. Our ladder/Stools are an example of that.


Because we are always looking for new project we have moved into furniture restoration, either a complete repair of damaged furniture and joinery or the total restoration of older antique or modern furniture (tables, chairs, sideboards, chest of draws or whatever.) We have teamed up with "Coopers" who manufacturer a unique range of materials that will strip all paint, vanish or shellac from old or new furniture, doors joinery, window sills etc.


Give us a call we would appreciate hearing from you and discussing your requirements.